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Well Pump Services & Repair in Winnebago County, Illinois

Here in the Rockford area, we have many families and homes that are serviced by a well. While a well is an affordable way to provide clean water to your family, sometimes you will find yourself experiencing problems with your well pump. This is where Axberg can help. Our experienced plumbing professionals offer a comprehensive list of well pump service and repair services, ensuring you can continue enjoying access to water whenever it is needed.

If you have no water or no water pressure, or are experiencing any other problems with your well pump, trust Axberg to quickly diagnose the problem and offer an affordable and effective solution.

If you are looking for local well pump repair in Rockford and the surrounding communities, call Axberg today at (815) 873-6003 or contact us online.

Understanding Your Well Pump

Water Well Pump Repair

When you turn on the water in your home, you expect it to flow through the faucet so you can get a fresh drink or start your cooking or cleaning project. Yet in order for that to happen, you must have a functional well pump. The pump moves water from the well into a pressure tank. Here, air and water are compressed to a pressure of 40 to 60 pounds per square inch. When you turn on the faucet, the pressure forces the water through the pipes and into your home. When you turn off the faucet, the pressure re-builds for the next time. Any problem with this process will mean no water pressure, and therefore no water for your home.

Are you experiencing water pressure problems in Rockford? Call Axberg today for water well pump repair.

Troubleshooting Well Pump Problems

If your well pump seems to be not working, you may want to do some basic troubleshooting at home before searching for water well pump service “near me.” Here are some common problems with well pumps and the potential solutions to consider.

  • No Power – If your water well pump isn’t kicking in, make sure it has power. If the circuit breaker running to the well pump has been tripped, you’re going to have problems.
  • Pressure Switch – If your well pump has a pressure tank, it will have a pressure switch. If too much pressure is built up in the system, the switch will trigger to protect you. If it trips, reset it to start the well again.
  • Discolored Water – If the water coming from your well pump is discolored or smells bad, then you need to treat the well and well pump. This is best left to the pros at Axberg, so let us know how we can help.
  • Pump Keeps Running – Water well pumps shouldn’t run constantly, and when they do your electric bill will take a hit. This is often because something is wrong with the well pump that will not allow it to build sufficient pressure. We can help.

If you can’t get to the bottom of your problem, or if you’re repeatedly tripping the breaker or the pressure switch, then you need to give us a call for well pump repair.

Schedule Well Pump Service in Rockford with Axberg

If you need well pump service or well pump repair, look no further than the team at Axberg. No matter the problem, we will respond quickly and offer a full list of water pump repairs, so you can enjoy proper water delivery and water pressure.

We are among the Rockford area’s most trusted well repair companies, so call today at (815) 873-6003 or contact us online for help.

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