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Whole-House Humidifier Services in the Rockford Area

Cold Illinois winters usually bring two things: lots of snow and very dry air. Unfortunately, that dryness in the air can cause serious problems in your home, including dry, itchy skin, increased respiratory discomfort, and damage to the paint and wood inside your home. To combat that problem, we recommend installing a whole-house humidifier.

A whole-house humidifier attaches to your home’s HVAC system, providing humidity that is delivered with your heated air. It’s a set-it-and-forget it system, so you can enjoy properly moist air without much thought. Unlike portable humidifiers, a whole-house option allows you to add moisture to your entire home, instead of just one area.

Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier

Why should you invest in a whole-house humidifier for your Rockford area home? Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Convenience Once you install a whole-house humidifier, you won’t have to continue thinking about it. They have hygrometers that measure humidity, so they’ll shut off and turn on as needed to keep your home comfortable.
  • Protection Dry air can cause the paint on your walls to peel or the wood on your walls, floors, and furniture to become dry and brittle. Protect your home with a whole-house humidifier.
  • Improved health Dry air can irritate your skin and your respiratory tract, making it easier for you to get sick and limiting your overall comfort. A whole-house humidifier helps eliminate these problems by setting the proper humidity level in your home.
  • Lower energy billsInterestingly, installing a whole-house humidifier can actually lower your energy bills. How? With humidifier, you can feel more comfortable in your home at a lower thermostat setting.

Are you ready to enjoy these benefits, or are you interested in learning more about our installation process? Call Axberg to learn more about our installation process.

Services We Offer

If you decide to have a whole-house humidifier installed in your home, our team at Axberg can help you through the whole process. We can assist you in choosing the unit that’s the best fit for you and your home and then install it in your home. Though these units are reliable and work well, if you ever run into any problems with your humidifier, call us and schedule repair service. We can get your system working properly again in no time.

Trust Rockford’s Home Comfort Pros for Whole-House Humidifier Installation

If you are ready to embrace the additional comfort and energy savings of a whole-house humidifier, Rockford’s home comfort leaders at Axberg are ready to help. We have been offering our home comfort services in Rockford since 1957, and we’ll make sure your home is comfortable all year long.

To schedule whole-house humidifier installation, contact us online or call us at 815-873-6003 today!

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