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Air Conditioner Replacement in Rockford, IL

Unfortunately, your air conditioner won’t last forever. After years of wear, tear, and keeping your Illinois home cool, it may need to be replaced. When you are shopping around for a new central air conditioner in the Rockford, IL area, count on Axberg. We are a full service HVAC company that is trained and certified to install new air conditions in your home or office.

Signs It’s Time to Schedule an Air Conditioner Replacement

There are several signs which signal it is time to replace your air conditioner. These include:

  • Unit is more than 10 years old. Most air conditioners last approximately 10 years before they need to be replaced.
  • AC is breaking down frequently. If you need to call to schedule an air conditioner repair often, it may save you more money in the long-run to replace it.
  • Utility bills have increased. If you notice your utility bills are increasing; but, you are not doing anything differently, your air conditioner could be running inefficiently. Call to have a professional inspect your AC to ensure it running efficiently.
  • You have expanded your home. When you hire a professional to install an air conditioner, they carefully measure your home to ensure you are getting a properly sized unit. If youa re building an addition or finishing your basement, you want to ensure your air conditioner will work efficiently given it has to cool more square footage. Call an HVAC professional to ensure your unit will run efficiently.

If you think it’s time to replace your air conditioner, call Axberg. Our HVAC company can remove your current AC unit and replace it with an energy efficient cooling unit.

Benefits of a New Air Conditioner

New air conditioners may cost you money initially; but, they can actually save you money in the long-run! Benefits of a new central air conditioning system include:

  • Lower utility bills. When you install a newer, more energy efficient AC system, you could see a decrease in your utility bills.
  • Fewer breakdowns. New air conditioners shouldn’t break down. Especially if you schedule annual maintenance, you should rarely have issues! Fewer breakdowns save you money.
  • Increase the resell value of your home. If you install a new central air conditioner, you could see an increase in the value of your home.
  • Save space. Especially if you have a window unit, you could free up space and a window in your home.
  • Cooler home. A new air conditioner will cool your home more efficiently and more evenly so you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home.

Schedule an Air Conditioner Replacement in the Rockford, IL Area

If you’re ready to schedule an air conditioner replacement, count on the HVAC experts at Axberg. Our technicians are trained and certified to bring you expert installations at an affordable price. We proudly replace air conditioners throughout the Rockford area, including:

  • Byron
  • Loves Park
  • Mount Morris
  • Oregon
  • Poplar Grove
  • Roscoe
  • Summerset
  • And More!

Call us today at (815) 873-6003 to schedule an AC replacement in your home or office today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Need to Replace My AC System?

If you already have an AC system in your home and it is more than 10 years old, suffers from frequent breakdowns, or has not been subjected to regular AC maintenance, then it could be time to replace your system!

What are the signs of a bad AC condenser?

There are plenty of signs that signal a bad AC condenser. Some of the common signs are if the cooling systems cooling capability diminishes, the cooling system is experiencing loud or abnormal noises, or the system is leaking fluid. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms we recommend calling a professional to assist.

When should ductwork be replaced?

Ductwork has a maximum lifespan of 20-25 years. If it begins to deteriorate, before the 20-year mark and is significantly reducing your HVAC system’s efficiency, we recommend a premature replacement.

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