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Air Conditioning Maintenance in the Rockford, IL Area

Your air conditioner represents a sizable investment in your home or business’s comfort. Today’s air conditioning equipment is increasingly complex, as manufacturers look for more and more ways to maximize the energy efficiency of their systems. That complexity means complex circuits, motors and other moving parts. Unfortunately, sometimes those systems break down, and you are left with an expensive piece of equipment that is doing nothing to cool your home.

One way to avoid an unexpected problem with your air conditioner is to enter into an air conditioning maintenance agreement with a trusted Rockford area air conditioner service provider. Proper maintenance of your system will ensure that it is fully functional for many years, while also improving the efficiency of the system and, therefore, reducing your energy bills significantly.

Why Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Most likely, you give little thought to your air conditioner. When summer hits the Stateline, you simply turn it on and enjoy cool air in your home or office. Since it works reliably year in and year out, you may not give any thought to system maintenance requirements.

Unfortunately, lack of regular maintenance can increase your energy costs or hurt your home’s indoor air quality. It can also lead to an unexpected breakdown in the middle of a hot summer’s night, leaving your family tired and uncomfortable. You may even have to call for emergency repair if the temperatures are hot enough.

One way to avoid this scenario is with regular seasonal maintenance on your HVAC machine. Axberg offers the services of NATE-certified technicians who have worked with almost every brand of air conditioner in our region, and we can come to your home and provide service to ensure that the system is fully functional and free from problems that could lead to emergency services. We offer a variety of maintenance packages that will help ensure your system performs well throughout the cooling season.

What Air Conditioning Maintenance Includes

When you call Axberg for an air conditioning service appointment, we will:

  • Test and recharge refrigerant
  • Inspect and clean the condensate pan
  • Clean the system’s evaporator or condensing coils
  • Check the condensate lines for obstructions
  • Balance registers
  • Clean around the outdoor grille and cabinets
  • Test and inspect compressor operation
  • Check and set the thermostat
  • Comb coil fins
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check and verify motors for continuity
  • Test and inspect all moving parts
  • Verify temperature drop

At the end of this appointment, your system will be ready for a reliable summer of cooling.

Never Forget Maintenance Again with the Black Diamond Crystal Club

To make maintenance easier for our customers, Axberg is pleased to offer our exclusive Black Diamond Crystal Club. This program ensures that you never forget to schedule a maintenance appointment. For just a small fee per month, you will receive one air conditioner precision tune-up every year, and we will even call you to remind you to schedule it.

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Today!

Whether you need to schedule your maintenance appointment or want to take advantage of our Crystal Club membership program, contact Axberg today at 815-873-6003. We will be happy to assist you with all of your home air conditioning maintenance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule air conditioning maintenance for my home?

In order to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, and to ensure that there are no underlying problems that could mount into larger, more costly issues, it’s recommended that you schedule AC maintenance at least once every year. This will not only increase the overall efficiency of your system but will guarantee you get the longest service life possible.

How noisy will my new AC system be?

The noise of an AC unit depends on the manufacturer and the model you decide on. Your HVAC contractor can give you all the information you need on noise levels when it comes to your AC system and can help ensure that you are able to consider the volume when you make your purchase decision.

What maintenance does an air conditioner need?

While we recommend air conditioner maintenance once a year, we also understand that there are things with your AC unit that need to be updated sporadically. This includes replacing and cleaning air filters, air conditioner coils, coil fins, and ac drain channels. Maintaining these will ensure optimal AC performance.


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  • No after-hours or holiday fees EVER ($95 per call)
  • Annual precision tune-ups on heating and cooling equipment
  • 24/7 availability
  • Exclusive discounts on service and repairs
  • Peace of mind
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