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Sink & Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement in Rockford, IL

When installed and operating correctly, garbage disposals provide an excellent means of maintaining a sanitary and convenient kitchen. But if your disposal is causing trouble or not working as intended, you need the experience and skill set of a dependable plumber. You can rely on the plumbing contractors at Axberg for a wide range of plumbing services, including complete kitchen sink and garbage disposal installation, repair, and maintenance.

Garbage Disposal Replacement in Rockford, IL

Disposals have a tough job and tend to accumulate wear and tear at a rapid pace. If your disposal is no longer working well enough, has failed completely, or needs an upgrade, you can look to our plumbing team for garbage disposal replacement.

When you call on Axberg we’ll send a trained, experienced, and certified plumber to you. We’ll examine your current disposal, as well as the associated drain, sink, and plumbing systems, so that we can determine what new model will suit your needs best. After the consultation, we will perform an installation that will ensure years of dependable service from your new disposal.

If you need garbage disposal replacement in Rockford or Winnebago County, contact our plumbers today!  

Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

Our plumbing repair contractors are equipped with cutting-edge tools and techniques so that we can handle disposal issues of any type—we also service all models and brands! Contact our team if you notice any of the following common garbage disposal problems:

  • Loud or unusual noises from the disposal
  • Leaking underneath or near the disposal
  • The unit proves unable to break down even soft or simple food waste
  • There are odd odors coming from the disposal drain
  • The disposal is jammed or jams frequently

Do you need garbage disposal repair? Call 815-873-6003 or schedule plumbing repair in Rockford online! 

Frequently Asked Sink & Disposal Questions

Do I need a plumber to replace a garbage disposal?

Absolutely. Disposals work with your drain line system and electrical systems, and they contain many dangerous moving components. A mistake in installation can be obnoxious and costly to fix at best, and dangerous at worst.

How long does a typical garbage disposal last?

Modern garbage disposals are typically rated to last between 8 and 15 years, depending on the quality of the product and how well it is maintained. To make sure your disposal lasts as long as possible, avoid placing tough or fibrous materials like bone or hard vegetables into the disposal. Also never put grease or cooking fat into a disposal!

How do you know if your garbage disposal is broken?

A properly operating disposal should be reasonably quiet (no grinding, sputtering, or irregular clanking) and should have little issue processing food and draining. If yours has trouble with any of these things, it’s time to call for repair.

Why does my garbage disposal leak from the bottom?

A leak from the bottom indicates a compromised seal within the disposal itself. These seals are simple to repair and replace, provided you get service before the leak causes further harm to the system.

Schedule Sink & Garbage Disposal Services in Rockford, Illinois

The service team at Axberg strives to be your comprehensive source for honest, dependable, and affordable plumbing services in and around the Rockford area. Whether you’re looking for disposal repair, replacement, or other plumbing services, we’re always happy to provide.

Dial 815-873-6003 to schedule garbage disposal services in Rockford, or contact us online at any time! 

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