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Duct Sealing in Rockford, IL

How clean is the air inside your Rockford area home? If your home is like most in the area, chances are the air ducts have small, even invisible, leaks that allow allergens into the home, causing problems for your family. Air duct sealing helps protect your family by ensuring that the indoor air you breathe is pure and clean.

Axberg is pleased to offer air duct sealing service to homeowners in the greater Rockford and Crystal Lake areas. If you are looking for certified duct sealing close to home, all you need to know is the name Axberg. Give us a call at 815-873-6003 to schedule service.

Why Air Duct Sealing Is Critical

Why should you invest in air duct cleaning for your Rockford area home? Every day, your HVAC system circulates air through your ducts. When there are leaks in the ducts, dust, pollen and other allergens seep into the ductwork. These, then, get blown through your air vents and into the air you breath. This can contribute to a number of problems, including allergies and asthma, and even the best air filter can’t protect you from the debris that seeps in through leaks. While air duct cleaning can help reduce these problems, a better solution is to put a stop to them altogether.

Leaks also compromise the efficiency of your system and the comfort of your home. When heated or cooled air escapes out of the leaks, it doesn’t enter the rooms you are in and the system can’t properly heat or cool your home.

Don’t put your family’s respiratory health or the efficiency of your HVAC system at risk. Protect it with one phone call to Axberg for air duct sealing.

Certified Air Duct Sealing Experts in Rockford

When you call Axberg to have your ducts sealed, you can trust that our experienced team will do the job well. We use a scientifically proven process to seal your ducts with an air-tight seal, so you can breathe freely. Our system will find all holes, no matter how small, and seal them tightly.

We begin the process by inspecting the system, using computer analysis to find the leaks that you may not be able to see. We then use a specialized blower system to send self-sealing particles into the ducts, where they are suspended until they gravitate towards openings. Once they find the openings, they fill the gaps. Once the ducts are sealed, our team performs a second analysis to ensure the job has been done well. Throughout this process, we guarantee your satisfaction, and we always have a 10-year warranty on the seal.

This proven system has helped numerous Rockford homeowners protect their homes and their families. Are you ready to be one of them? Sealing your ducts is important to protect your health and the efficiency of your system. Get a free quote by contacting Axberg today, and let us tackle your ducts in your Rockford area home.

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