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Dehumidifier Services in Rockford, IL

Are your home’s windows constantly steaming up? Are you having problems with mold, mildew, or seasonal allergies? Have you had water in the basement recently? If you find yourself answering “yes” to any of these questions, then you need to consider having a whole-house dehumidifier installed in your Rockford, IL home.

A dehumidifier keeps humidity levels in your home where they should be. That way, you can avoid these common moisture-related problems. With a dehumidifier, you will feel more comfortable, avoid mold risk, and reduce allergens in your home. The experienced HVAC professionals at Axberg can help you tackle your humidity problem through professional dehumidifier installation.

Whole-House Dehumidification

Many plug-and-go dehumidifiers are designed to dehumidify just one room. If you have noticed a moisture problem in your entire home, you need to ensure that you are removing moisture in the each room to see a real difference. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your home stays dry and comfortable is with a whole-house dehumidifier. These systems, which are often connected to the HVAC system in the home, help maintain healthy humidity levels in all of the rooms of the home. In fact, they require minimal maintenance and offer an effective way to keep your home’s humidity levels in check.

Are you interested in learning more about whole-house humidifiers? Contact the Axberg team today!

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

Installing a whole-house dehumidifier provides several benefits to your home. These include:

  • Improved allergies. Allergy triggers thrive in humid environments, so reducing humidity improves allergies.
  • Improved smell. Mold, which needs humidity to grow, can leave a musty smell in your home, which dehumidifiers improve.
  • Less dust. A dryer environment will be less dusty than a humid one.
  • Lower energy costs. Humidity makes the air hot and stuffy in your home, causing you to turn the thermostat down. Dehumidifiers help you stay more comfortable at a higher thermostat setting, thus reducing your energy bills.

At Axberg, our team takes pride in installing Amana and Bryant products, including a wide range of dehumidifiers. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our installation process.

Join Crystal Club for Preventative Maintenance

Once you have your whole-house dehumidifier installed, make sure it remains well-maintained to provide accurate function all year long. Preventative maintenance for your humidifier and other home comfort systems will extend the life of these systems and also reduce your energy bills by ensuring efficient function. The Axberg team recommends our Crystal Club which includes:

  • Free Estimates on Installs or Replacements
  • 24-hour-a-day Availability
  • Flat-Rate Pricing Structure
  • No Contract Requirement
  • Waived Holiday/After-Hours Fees (Save $95 per call.)
  • Priority Service Scheduling
  • And more!

Join the Crystal Club today to save on maintenance and more!

Whole-House Dehumidifier Installation in Rockford Area

As a homeowner, you and your family’s comfort is important. Make sure the humidity levels in your house stay in check and have a whole-house dehumidifier installed today! The expert technicians at Axberg years of experience providing installation, maintenance, and repair services for dehumidifiers, HVAC systems, and more. Our commitment to providing you with the highest quality possible will allow us to give you total customer satisfaction.

At Axberg, your home comfort and safety is our priority. If you need a dehumidifier for your Rockford home, we are here to help. Call 815-873-6003 today to get started.

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