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Power Rodding in Rockford

When you have a serious blockage in a drain or other pipe in your home, you need to get things moving quickly. Power rodding is one tool the team at Axberg can use to help. Power rodding uses an electronically powered machine to turn a series of blades clockwise and counterclockwise in the drain to remove a blockage or root intrusion. Power rodding can help you save money, remove blockages, and help our team visualize the damage to your line.

Benefits of Power Rodding

If you have a drain clog, power rodding can rid you of it effectively. Some of the benefits of power drain rodding over other drain cleaning methods include:

  • Less risk of damage to the pipe compared to chemical drain cleaners or plumbing snakes
  • Clears the path so video inspections can find the root cause of the problem
  • Effective on all types of clogs, including grease or tree roots

While the symptoms of a sewer line blockage make themselves obvious – showers that will not drain, sinks that back up – the conditions that lead to a clog are not as visible. The sewer line in your Rockford home probably has years of accumulated sludge before it becomes completely blocked. Soap, grease, and residue lines the interior of pipes over time. As the sludge builds on itself, the diameter of the interior of the pipe narrows and becomes more restricted, and therefore more likely to catch even the smallest particle or object flowing through it. Eventually, it is completely obstructed, and sewage and wastewater is no longer flowing freely to your septic or municipal sewage system. Tree roots attacking the sewer line in the yard are another frequent cause of sewer backups.

In the past, the only option besides opening the pipe was an old-fashioned drain snake, which clears the line by punching a hole through the obstruction, which doesn’t address the source of the problem or prevent it from happening again or using corrosive chemicals, both of which can be damaging to older pipes.

If you’ve been searching for “power rodding in my area,” and you live in or near Rockford, Axberg is ready to deliver the right service. Give us a call at (815) 873-6003 to schedule power rodding for your clogged drain.

Power Rodding FAQ

Do you have questions about power rodding? Check out these common questions and answers from Axberg:

How does power rodding work?

Power rodding is a plumbing method that can remove clogs in the drain more quickly than other options. If you call for power rodding service, your plumber will attach the rodding tool to a cable, then thread the cable through the drain. When it hits the clog, a motor will spin the cleaning tool rapidly to break the clog into smaller pieces that the plumber can remove. The power rodding tool has blades measured to the diameter of the pipe, so it can blast through the clog without damaging the pipe.

How can I tell if I need power rodding?

If your drains aren’t flowing or are flowing very slowly, power rodding is a good idea. Other signs to watch for include:

  • Frequent drain clogs
  • A home built before the 1980s
  • Large trees with root systems near pipes
  • Unexpected increases to your water bill

If you’re seeing these problems, reach out to Axberg to find out how power rodding can help.

What types of clogs can power rodding remove?

Power rodding can remove most types of clogs. This includes hair clogs, grease clogs, root intrusions, and more.

How is power rodding different than hydro jetting?

Both power rodding and hydro jetting can effectively remove clogs. Power rodding uses a metal cable, whereas hydro jetting uses water at a high pressure.

Schedule Power Rodding in Rockford with Axberg

Power rodding service could be the solution you need to get your drains flowing. If your drains are getting slow or you have a completely blocked drain, give the team at Axberg a call. We have a team of licensed plumbers who can help you find a solution to your blocked drain quickly. Whether that solution is power rodding or some other drain cleaning method, our professionals will use the latest technology to make sure your drains are flowing properly.

Axberg is here 24/7. At the first sign of a drain blockage, call (815) 873-6003. You can also contact us online to discuss drain rodding and other drain cleaning services in the Rockford area.

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