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Every day, you and your family utilize your toilet, trusting that it will do the job it was designed to do. When it doesn’t work, life as you know it can come to a screeching halt. Axberg’s team of licensed plumbers is here to provide toilet repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. That way, you can enjoy a fully functional home.

If you’re having toilet troubles, get in touch with Axberg online or by phone at 815-873-6003 right away!

Toilet Repair Services in Rockford, IL

A non-functional toilet is a serious problem—especially if your home only has one bathroom. Getting to the root of the problem requires a team of experts who know how toilets function inside and out. Axberg is made up of professional plumbers who understand the ins and outs of toilets, can get to the problem quickly, and can provide an affordable and effective solution to fix it. If your toilet is running constantly and driving up your bills, has a leak, or is not flushing, it’s time to give us a ring.

Toilet Replacement and Installation Services

At Axberg, we not only help with toilet repairs, but also with toilet installation or replacement. Replacing a toilet is no easy task. Toilets are incredibly heavy, and they sit on wax rings that must provide a water-tight seal to prevent leaks. You need professional plumbing help if you’re tackling this job.

If you are looking to upgrade your toilet or install a new one as you remodel your home, we are the plumbing team you need to call. We can assist you with choosing an efficient toilet that will use as little as 1.6 gallons of water per flush while still having enough power to keep up with even the most demanding household. Since toilets made in the early 1990s or earlier use as much as seven gallons of water per flush, upgrading and replacing your toilet will lead to extensive savings on your energy bills.

Do you want to save money on your water bill? Contact Axberg now to discuss toilet replacement!

Toilet Maintenance Service

When was the last time you gave your toilet some TLC? It’s easy to forget about your toilet until it has a problem. Yet a toilet houses a delicate system that has to function exactly right to flush waste properly. If you flush the wrong things, you can damage this delicate system. Axberg’s team will help you by providing maintenance tips and advice to ensure that your toilet continues to provide reliable service for many years.

Plumbers in Rockford, IL

Axberg is Rockford’s pluming leaders, providing reliable and comprehensive plumbing services in Rockford, Cherry Valley, Crystal Lake, Machesney Park, Roscoe, Rockton, and the surrounding communities. When your toilet is giving you problems, we are the only name you need to know.

Call 815-873-6003 to schedule your toilet services today!

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