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Why do I need an outside access for my sewer?

Most main lines going from your home or business to the city sewer or septic tank are 6 inches in diameter. Most cleanouts, or access points, within the home are 3-4″. In addition to being smaller, most cleanouts within the home possess many turns that limits the effectiveness of the rodding machine.

Installing an outside cleanout is the best option, because it provides a full diameter access to the pipe. This way, the blades on the rodding machine have the ability to clean out the entire pipe of roots and other materials. In most cases, rodding from a smaller access will open the line, but will back up sooner than later due to the fact that only part of the pipe was cleaned. Axberg can not only rod out your sewer, but also has the equipment to camera the line to see the condition of the pipe. If there is an issue, the device can also pinpoint its location.

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Humidistat had failed. Technician installed a new one in a timely manner. He showed us the different models available and explained the differences. We were very satisfied with the work he did.
Ed - Rockton, IL
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