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Sewer Rodding or Hydrojetting – Which Do You Need?

Sewer Clog Basics

roddingWhile the symptoms of a sewer line blockage make themselves obvious – showers that will not drain, sinks that back up – the conditions that lead to a clog are not as visible. The sewer line in your Rockford home probably has years of accumulated sludge before it becomes completely blocked. Soap, grease, and residue lines the interior of pipes over time. As the sludge builds on itself, the diameter of the interior of the pipe narrows and becomes more restricted, and therefore more likely to catch even the smallest particle or object flowing through it. Eventually, it is completely obstructed, and sewage and wastewater is no longer flowing freely to your septic or municipal sewage system. Tree roots attacking the sewer line in the yard are another frequent cause of sewer backups.

In the past, the only option besides opening the pipe was an old-fashioned drain snake, which clears the line by punching a hole through the obstruction, which doesn’t address the source of the problem or prevent it from happening again or using corrosive chemicals, both of which can be damaging to older pipes.

Sewer Rodding

Sewer rodding is an older mechanical method of clearing a sewer obstruction. During sewer rodding, a flexible metal cable is inserted into the pipe. It has an attached head that is the diameter of the pipe being cleared. This head has mechanical teeth and is powered by a motor that causes it to spin at high speed as the cable is threaded through the pipe, around bends and turns, shredding obstructing tree roots and blockages into fine pieces that are easily washed through the pipe.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a newer method of dealing with sewer problems. With hydro jetting, a high-pressure thin stream of water blasts through clogs, tree roots, and sludge that is blocking the pipe. It’s effective on grease and fat deposits that rodding and snaking often struggle to treat. During the jetting process, the interior of the pipe is completely scoured clean by the pressurized water – eliminating the deposits and buildup that make it easier for sludge to accumulate over time. Short of replacing pipes, hydro jetting is the most effective way to get “like new” pipes, free of debris and residue.

Preventing Sewer Line Blockages

One method of preventing sewer line clogs is to regularly maintain your drains with Black Diamond drain cleaner, available from your Axberg plumber. Our drain cleaner is a biological option that helps break down the deposits inside your drain lines without corrosive chemicals.

Because tree roots are often a problem from sewer lines, careful tree planting and maintenance can also help. Choose tree varieties that are slow-growing and have less aggressive root systems, don’t plant them near known sewer lines, and water and fertilize them so that the roots do not seek the area of the sewer lines.

For sewer rodding, hydro jetting, and any other sewer or drain problem, Axberg is your Rockford licensed plumber available 24/7.

Schedule your estimate for sewer problems online now or call us at (815) 444-0979 at your convenience.

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