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Is Duct Cleaning a Scam?

Every day, you turn on your air conditioner or heater in your Rockford area home. This action sends heated or cooled air through your ductwork and into your home. That air passes through an air filter that traps many of the debris that are circulating in the air. Yet, even with the air filter, you may have grit and grime that gets through and circulates in the air. Some of that debris will accumulate in your ductwork, and this can compromise your air quality. Ductwork cleaning helps eliminate this accumulation, so you can breathe clean, fresh air in your home. However, duct cleaning gets a bad reputation because it’s the type of service without visible results. Is this a scam, or is it an important part of keeping your home well maintained and healthy?

Is Ductwork Cleaning Really Necessary?

Unfortunately, most of us cannot see inside our ductwork. While we may be able to see some dust that accumulates near the vents, the mold, dust, and other debris deep within the ducts simply aren’t visible to us. If the ducts seem clear near the vents, you may be wondering why you should spend money on ductwork cleaning.

The reality is that not everyone needs ductwork cleaning. Some homes have systems that do a good job of filtering the air do not have problems with mold and accumulate little dust. However, if you are not one of these lucky home owners, then many contaminants may be hiding in your ducts. Pet dander, dust mites, dust, mold, and even bacteria can be circulating in your home and making your family sick.

So how can you tell if you have a problem? The key to knowing whether or not you need ductwork cleaning is checking your indoor air quality. Sometimes poor indoor air quality is obvious, because your family suffers from allergies or asthma, but at other times, you will need professional help to determine the level of your indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Shows the Truth About Your Ducts

Before you spend the money on duct cleaning, you need to know that the service is necessary. In order to gain this certainty or rule out the need for duct cleaning, you need indoor air quality testing.

If you are curious about the quality of the air inside your Rockford home, Axberg can provide you with an accurate picture of the level of contamination you are dealing with through indoor air testing. With concrete evidence of your level of indoor air quality, you can be confident in determining whether or not you need air duct cleaning service.

Air Quality Testing & Duct Cleaning Services in Rockford, IL

If you are ready to check your indoor air quality to determine if you need duct cleaning service, contact Axberg for indoor air quality testing. If we find a serious indoor air quality problem, we will help you schedule duct cleaning, so you can rid your ducts of the mold, pollen, dust mites and other allergens that are impacting your family’s health. Move forward with confidence as you get concrete evidence of your home’s air duct cleaning need with help from Axberg—contact us today or give us a call at 815-873-6003!

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Kevin was super and did a great job of unclogging my basement drain pipe going to the main sewer line in less than 15 mnutes. I would give the company a higher rating if it wasn't for the $230 service charge to run a snake 35 feet down the drain. I had no choice as the water was backing up in the basement and I couldn't wait for the local RotoRooter serviceman the following day. I guess $230 is cheaper than having to replace carpet. I also didn't realize the local Axberg plumbing company was bought out by Black Diamond which is not local which is probably a reason for the higher cost. Lesson learned. I'll rent a snake for $50 next time at Home Depot.
Response from Axberg: Charles, we’re sorry that you are disappointed in the price following such a great job done by Kevin. This is one of the primary reasons that our plumbers get approval before any work is completed – and it looks like you did approve the price before we did the work. Here at Axberg/ Black Diamond, we do still consider ourselves a local company, as we operate out of our location on 35th Street in Rockford, we employ Rockford residents like Kevin, and we are very active in supporting the Rockford community. Prior to teaming up with Black Diamond in 2014, Axberg did not offer plumbing services at all, so we also love providing another option to Rockford residents – especially one that can show up on the same day instead of making you wait when you’re having an emergency. Thank you for giving us the opportunity and please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with in the future.
Charles - Rockford, IL
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