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How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter

Winter is coming to Rockford! Before the snow and ice start to fly, you need to take measures to ensure your furnace is ready for the task ahead. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your HVAC system for winter’s demands.

Reset the Thermostat

One of the first changes to make is with your thermostat. If you’ve programmed your thermostat for summer temperatures, it’s time to drop the temperature a little. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends a “comfort temperature” around 68 degrees. Dropping the temperature several degrees further when you are at work or sleeping will help lower your energy bills.

Clean Your Ducts

In winter, your home will be closed up as you enjoy heated air. The biggest problem with this, however, is the fact that the air is recirculating through your home all day long. If you have dust and debris in your ductwork, those pollutants get recirculated along with the air.

Change the Air Filter

When was the last time you changed the air filter in your HVAC system? If it’s clogged with dust and debris from the summer season, it’s time to swap it out for a new one. Not only will this improve the quality of your indoor air, but it will also ensure that your furnace is not forced to work too hard.

Schedule Your Maintenance Check in Rockford

One of the best things you can do for your HVAC system at the start of any season is to have an HVAC professional check the system top to bottom. Schedule an annual maintenance check in the fall to ensure your system is in perfect shape for the coming winter months.

At your maintenance check, your technician will check all of the connections, electrical components, and moving parts in your furnace. The technician will also check for signs of wear and tear, problems that could be brewing and maintenance that you need right away for an efficient winter. Finally, the technician will test the system to ensure it is running at its most optimal level.

Consider the Crystal Club for Affordable and Automatic Maintenance

Remembering to schedule your maintenance check is not always easy. Fall is a busy time in the Rockford region because many people forget to call their HVAC technician until they turn on the furnace and it won’t work properly. That’s why Axberg offers our Crystal Club maintenance plan.

As a Crystal Club member, you can get your fall and spring HVAC maintenance appointment automatically, with no additional charge, and we’ll even call you to schedule it at a time that is convenient. In addition, as part of your membership, you will receive discounts on any service or repairs you need throughout the year. Crystal Club membership is an affordable way to make sure your HVAC system gets the care and attention it needs.

Are you ready to ensure your system is ready for the coming cooling season? Learn more about our Crystal Club plan today!

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