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Heat Pump Repair in Rockford, IL

If you use a heat pump to keep your Rockford area home warm, you need reliable services when that system needs repair. The team at Axberg provides heat pump repair for families in Loves Park, Cherry Valley, Belvidere, Crystal Lake, Illinois and many of the surrounding communities. Our technicians know and understand heat pumps inside and out, so we can quickly and efficiently repair your unit. That way, you can enjoy reliable heating throughout the winter months.

To schedule heat pump repair, call (815) 873-6003 to speak with our heating experts today!

Heat Pump Repair near Rockford

At Axberg, we understand that you need reliable heating no matter what time of day it is. If your heat pump stops working on the weekend or in the middle of the night during a frigid Rockford winter, you can’t wait for normal business hours. That’s why we offer emergency heating repairs any time, with 24/7 availability to ensure your home can get back to a comfortable temperature quickly.

If you experience a heat pump emergency, make to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

How to Tell Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

How can you spot the need for heat pump repairs? At Axberg, we want you to know the signs of a problem, so you can call us for repair before your system stops working. If you own a heat pump, give us a call if you notice:

  • Inefficient cooling
  • Higher-than-normal utility bills
  • Unusual noises from the heat pump
  • Reduced air flow
  • Icing on the heat pump

If you are noticing any of these problems, the sooner you call Axberg, the less likely that you will face a serious failure of your system. Let our technicians go to work to repair the problem before it escalates.

Save Money on Repairs & Routine Maintenance

Before you book your heat pump repair appointment, be sure to check our current coupons. We may have a special offer that applies to your repair need! If you want to ensure that your heat pump remains well maintained and functional all year long, consider joining our Crystal Club. The Crystal Club is an all-inclusive maintenance program that offers yearly maintenance checks and exclusive discounts on any heat pump repairs you may face. With The Crystal Club membership, you will always enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24-hour-a-day availability
  • Flat-rate pricing structure
  • No contract requirement
  • Waived holiday/after-hours fees (save $95 per call!)
  • Priority service scheduling
  • High value and low monthly fee
  • Peace of mind

Heat Pump Repair FAQ

When a heat pump is not heating or a homeowner is having cooling problems with their heat pump, they often have specific questions that they need answers to quickly. If you are troubleshooting a heat pump having problems, here are some common questions and answers.

Why is my heat pump not turning on?

If your heat pump is not turning on, the first thing to do is check the thermostat. it’s possible it got switched to from heating to cooling or the temperature is improperly set, and this will make the unit not turn on. If your heat pump is not turning on and the thermostat is set properly, check the circuit breaker. This usually happens when there is no power running to the heat pump, so try resetting the circuit breaker to fix the problem. If triggering the reset button or switch does not fix the problem, or the unit runs and then trips the breaker again, give Axberg a call. This could indicate an electrical issue that needs a professional to look at it.

Why does my heat pump have problems in cold weather?

Heat pumps are an excellent an efficient way to heat and cool a home when temperatures are above freezing. When temperatures dip below freezing, a heat pump is going to struggle to keep a home warm enough because of the nature of the heating and cooling methods. that’s why heat pumps in Rockford often have a secondary gas or electric heat source. If you are having problems in cold weather with your heat pump not heating, it may because that secondary heat source is not working as it should. Try troubleshooting your secondary heating component to rectify the problem.

Why is there ice on my heat pump?

Ice or frost on the outdoor coils of your heat pump is actually normal during the heating season. When the buildup gets too heavy, the pump will switch into cooling mode to reverse the refrigerant and melt the ice. This is the defrost cycle. Once it is complete, the unit will start heating again. However, if the defrost cycle cannot address the problem properly, it may be because of malfunctioning controls, low refrigerant levels, malfunctioning fan motors, or another issue. Give Axberg a call to diagnose and repair the problem.

Contact Rockford’s Trusted Heat Pump Repair Contractors

Axberg is a trusted name in the Rockford community. Since 1957, we have been helping homeowners and businesses in Rockford and the surrounding communities with their heating needs, including heat pump repair.

If you are in need of professional heat pump repair, contact us online or call us at (815) 873-6003 to schedule your appointment.

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  • Waived Holiday/After-Hours Fees
  • Priority Service Scheduling
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  • Peace of Mind
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