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Can I add more breakers to my existing panel?

In most cases, yes. It all depends on the amount of circuit breakers the panel is designed to have. Most panels depending on the size of the service has anywhere from 24 to 40 circuits. Adding a circuit in a panel that is already maxed out, sometimes involves adding a sub-panel or enlarging the entire service. Anytime you require electrical work to be done, give us a call day or night, otherwise you could be shocked at the outcome.

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Axberg Reviews
Mark came out to Durand within an hour of my call. He was prepared for the problems of my air conditioning system, providing the special air handler filter, juicing up the coolant, and cleaning out a wet winter's worth of crud on the unit. Plus, he was pleasant and patient with my questions. Way to go, Axberg and Mark!
Diana - Durand, IL
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