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Winter Weather and Your Home: Protect Your Pipes & Air Quality

Winter can bring some of the most brutal weather of the winter season. Not only can winter weather devastate your home, but failure to prepare your home for the weather can cause further devastation. Whether you leave for warmer weather for the winter or stick it out here in the north, here are a few tips for winterization for your home.

  • Avoid frozen (and burst) pipes by leaving your doors open or cracked, leaving your faucet dripping and clearing your snow drifts. Open or cracked doors will keep the warm air flowing through your home and make it less likely for your pipes to freeze. A dripping faucet will maintain movement in your pipes to avoid freezing but be sure it’s the hot water you leave dripping. Snow drifts can cover sensitive vents on the side of your home, causing your water heater or furnace to shut down, so make sure you keep those cleared.
  • Maintain your HVAC system. This includes regularly replacing the air filters in your furnace, keeping the air vents clean, and scheduling your annual furnace maintenance! Why annual maintenance? To keep your equipment running at peak efficiency, lasting longer and maintaining the air quality in your home.
  • Lastly, check out this overall winterization infographic for a quick overview on how to prepare your home for winter, and remember, the experts at Black Diamond will always be there when you need us!

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Axberg Reviews
Kevin was super and did a great job of unclogging my basement drain pipe going to the main sewer line in less than 15 mnutes. I would give the company a higher rating if it wasn't for the $230 service charge to run a snake 35 feet down the drain. I had no choice as the water was backing up in the basement and I couldn't wait for the local RotoRooter serviceman the following day. I guess $230 is cheaper than having to replace carpet. I also didn't realize the local Axberg plumbing company was bought out by Black Diamond which is not local which is probably a reason for the higher cost. Lesson learned. I'll rent a snake for $50 next time at Home Depot.
Response from Axberg: Charles, we’re sorry that you are disappointed in the price following such a great job done by Kevin. This is one of the primary reasons that our plumbers get approval before any work is completed – and it looks like you did approve the price before we did the work. Here at Axberg/ Black Diamond, we do still consider ourselves a local company, as we operate out of our location on 35th Street in Rockford, we employ Rockford residents like Kevin, and we are very active in supporting the Rockford community. Prior to teaming up with Black Diamond in 2014, Axberg did not offer plumbing services at all, so we also love providing another option to Rockford residents – especially one that can show up on the same day instead of making you wait when you’re having an emergency. Thank you for giving us the opportunity and please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with in the future.
Charles - Rockford, IL
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