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Should I Turn My Furnace Off Over the Summer?

Summer is coming, and with it comes thoughts of shutting off that furnace and enjoying open windows or cool air conditioning. While summer may seem like it comes a little later in Rockford than in more southern parts of the country, it is going to come. But before you switch that furnace to “off,” make sure that’s the right choice for your home. Here’s what the experts at Axberg want you to know about turning off your furnace during the summer months.

What Does It Mean to Turn Off Your Furnace?

You may be thinking that you’re already turning off your furnace when you switch from “heat” settings to “cool” settings when the weather warms. While this does stop the furnace from running, it does not turn it off altogether. Turning the furnace off means turning off the pilot light so it does not run at all during the summer.

Why Turning Off the Furnace Makes Sense

So why should you consider turning off your furnace? Even when the furnace is not running, the pilot light burns gas. That adds up to a small amount, but it’s still an amount that you have to pay. You can save around $50 or so, depending on the overall amount you pay per unit of natural gas over the course of the summer. You will also save energy because you won’t be wasting gas burning a flame that you don’t actually need. Finally, if your kids accidentally bump the thermostat to “heat,” you won’t end up accidentally heating your home when it’s 80 degrees outside.

Does Turning Off the Furnace Have Drawbacks?

Turning off your furnace requires turning off the pilot light. That means in the winter or in an unusually cold summer day, you’d have to re-light the light. That can be frustrating, especially if the pilot light is hard to get to, but it’s not something that’s impossible to do. However, you will want to wait to turn it off until you’re confident the warm weather is here to stay, because spring and early summer weather in Rockford can be quite unpredictable.

How to Turn Off Your Furnace

If you are going to turn off your furnace, here’s how:

  • Switch off the furnace’s main gas supply. Make sure you turn off the supply to the furnace, not the house, as you’ll still want hot water during the summer.
  • Check the carbon monoxide detector to ensure it is running properly.
  • Enjoy a cool summer knowing your furnace is off and not wasting money.

It really is simple to turn off your furnace, and by doing so you will save. This is also a good time to schedule an annual inspection with the team at Axberg to ensure your furnace will be ready when winter weather hits again.

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