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Start the New Year with New Furnace Filters

Where can I buy furnace filters for my Rockford home?

You can order furnace filters from us and have them delivered direct to your Rockford home! In addition to furnace filters, we also offer a number of other types of filters for your vacuum and refrigerator water system, as well as water panels for your humidifier. Why drive all over town searching for the right filters for your home? All of our products are available online for purchase at your convenience and ship straight to you.

Why should I change my furnace filter?

  • Efficiency:  Your furnace will run at its peak efficiency with a clean filter.  Clogged and dirty filters restrict air flow to the furnace and degrade its efficiency.
  • Air Quality:  Your furnace filter pulls particles out of the air that would otherwise circulate in your home and the air you breathe.
  • Longevity:  You invested in your furnace and want it to last its expected lifetime.  Dust and dirt in the filter due to lack of proper maintenance will cause unnecessary wear and tear on your investment.
  • Reliability:  Changing your furnace filter as recommended by the manufacturer will help cut down on emergency service calls.

How often should I change my furnace filter?

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and the recommendations of your heating contractor.  Most 1″ thick filters will need to be changed monthly.  For specialty air purifiers with wider filters, filter changes are recommended every season or once a year.  Please consult your manual or ask our technician during your annual furnace or air conditioner cleaning.

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