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Spring Cleaning for Your Ducts

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Now that spring has sprung, you might be struck by the mood to do some spring cleaning. And while you’re cleaning out those closets, putting away winter clothes, and opening those windows, you’ll want to add cleaning your ducts to that list as well.

We recommend getting your ducts cleaned every three to five years, but it does vary from household to household. If you have severe asthma, allergies, or pets, you’d benefit from more frequent cleanings. Regardless of the timeframe, here are a few signs that it’s time to get your ducts cleaned.

Signs You Should Schedule Air Duct Cleaning

Allergy Symptoms: It might not just be the springtime air worsening those symptoms. The more dirt and dust buildup on your vents, the more irritated your allergy symptoms can become because that air is constantly circulating throughout your home. Duct cleaning can help reduce the airborne irritants that cause allergy symptoms to worsen.

Extreme Dust: Are you dusting more often or changing your air filters more than normal? This is a big sign that it’s time for duct cleaning. This is particularly true if you’ve completed any major home projects, remodeling, cleaning, or other work that creates an excess amount of dust.

Excessive Debris: Do you know when the last time your ducts were cleaned? If the answer is no, then there’s really no way to tell what’s hiding in your air ducts. Debris can cause airflow restrictions or blockages in your HVAC system. Airflow blockages will, in turn, make your HVAC system work harder, leading to an increase in your utility bills. Keep an eye out for dust on your air vents – that’s usually a sign it’s time for duct cleaning.

Pest Infestation: You might not even know you have a pest infestation, but rodents like mice can leave droppings, dander, and bacteria in your ducts, that will, in turn, circulate throughout your home.

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