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Should I Keep the Furnace Fan On All the Time?

Your furnace fan has two basic settings: Either you can leave it on automatic, or you can switch it to continuous mode. At Axberg, we have found that our customers are sometimes confused about which is the better option. Here’s what you need to know to make the right decision for your Rockford, IL, home.

Drawbacks of Continuous Mode

Continuous mode, which allows the fan to run all the time, even when the furnace is not engaged, has only one minor drawback. It uses electricity to keep the fan running and therefore causes slightly higher electric bills. However, the increase is minimal, and with high-efficiency motors, you may not even notice a difference in your bill.

Benefits of Continuous Mode

The benefits of continuous mode far outweigh this one drawback. First, when you put your fan in continuous mode, you move the air through your home and the furnace filter more frequently. If you install a high-efficiency filter, this can lower the number of allergens in your home, improving your family’s comfort.

In addition, circulating the air can keep the temperature even in your home, especially if you have a two-story home that tends to be uncomfortably warm on the upper floors.

Finally, running the fan continuously may help extend the motor’s life by preventing multiple stops and starts. While some believe continuous running actually hurts the motor’s life span, turning it on and off is hard on the motor, so continuous mode could help avoid this added stress on the system.

Make the Most of Your Rockford-Area Home’s Furnace

Since 1957, Axberg has been bringing expert heating and cooling services to residents and business owners in Rockford, IL. With years of experience and professional training, our technicians are ready for any heating problem you throw their way.

Do you have other questions about how you can run your furnace as efficiently as possible? Contact the Axberg team to learn more about efficient furnace operation or to schedule a maintenance check to ensure your system is running at its best.

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