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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Seeing water pooling around your furnace is disconcerting. In the middle of Rockford’s rough winters, you don’t want to have your furnace breaking down. Before you panic, let the team at Axberg walk you through some of the reasons why this might happen.

Furnace Condensation

Furnaces, especially the high efficiency options, will produce condensation. This condensation is supposed to flow through a condensation tube and into your floor drain. However, sometimes that tube becomes clogged or something breaks the flow down the drain, and the condensation will back up. Eventually, it will come flowing out from under your furnace.

This is not a problem in most cases, though you do need to address it to ensure that your furnace is not subject to water damage. See where the clog is, address it, and the water should dissipate.

However, if your furnace is standard efficiency and has a metal exhaust pipe, you should not have condensation. Any condensation on these furnaces means that the flue pipe is the wrong size. Replacing the flue pipe with a properly sized one will fix the problem.

Faulty Secondary Heat Exchanger

If condensation is not the issue, the furnace’s secondary heat exchanger may be. This requires a professional to check the system, and this type of furnace repair is a bit costly but doable. If you cannot pinpoint condensation as the problem, call Axberg at (815) 873-6003 to take a look at the heat exchanger.

Furnace Humidifier Problems

If you have a humidifier connected to your furnace, this could be the source of the leak. Thankfully, humidifier problems are less critical than furnace problems, but you should still have them checked out. Any time there is water in a warm environment, you have the risk of mold growth, so you need to address it before that happens.

Help Stop Leaks with Annual Furnace Maintenance in the Rockford, IL Area

The best way to stop leaks and condensation is to ensure your furnace is working as it should all year long. This starts with an annual service check. At an annual maintenance appointment, one of Axberg’s qualified technicians will carefully inspect your system and ensure that it is working properly, offering advice for repairs that might stop problems before they get worse. Find out more about our maintenance services or consider joining our Crystal Club maintenance club to ensure that you never forget that maintenance check appointment. Stopping issues before they grow will help keep your home safe and protected.

Most of the time, water around your furnace is a minor problem, but it’s always good to figure it out. Contact us online or give us a call at (815) 873-6003 to discuss your needs today.


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