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COVID-19 Readiness - We are actively monitoring the news about the coronavirus and taking necessary precautions to ensure our office remains open, technicians are available and call center is staffed.  More Information
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Electrical Upgrade Trends

Are you considering upgrades for your home this year? In addition to the traditional ideas of changing the flooring or painting the walls, why not upgrade some of your home’s electrical systems? After all, the technology you rely on day in and day out requires electricity, and upgrading or updating your home’s electrical components will make it easier to enjoy these features. Here are some electrical trends that are popular right now.

Home Automation

Automating electrical systems is an increasingly popular trend. Homeowners want to be able to control their home lighting with their smartphone or set it up to automatically shut on and off when needed. Motion-sensing lights are a popular example. Lights turn on when someone walks in a room, then switch off when they leave. This can save homeowners money on their utility bill.

Electrical Charging Stations in Garages

According to the Department of Energy, electrical vehicles will soon become much more common, requiring homeowners to find a place in their home to charge up their car. Garages wired for the electrical vehicle revolution are definitely an up-and-coming trend, and those who are interested in purchasing this kind of car will need to upgrade their home’s wiring.

Whole-House Generators

automatic home standby generator rockford ilAs storms continue to leave homeowners without electricity for weeks, more and more are considering upgrading to whole-house generators. Though normal generators offer temporary power for homes, they can’t compete with the power and reliability that comes with a whole-house version of these systems. After homeowners experience power outages a few times, many turn to this electrical backup system that protects homes from the problems that come with serious outages.

USB Ports Replacing Electrical Outlets

USB ports are becoming increasingly common in the modern home, and homeowners often upgrade their homes by switching out one or more of their traditional wall outlets for a USB power port. These ports allow you to plug your USB-based charger directly into the wall, without a pronged plug. If you’re not ready to get rid of your regular three-pronged outlet, don’t worry. You can pick up an outlet that has the traditional outlet and a USB connection as well!

Upgraded Closet Lighting

Though walk-in closets are great for storing clothing, when there’s only one small overhead light to brighten up the space, they aren’t too convenient. That’s why many are installing more lighting in their closets. From under-the-shelf lighting to spot lighting hung from the ceiling, there are a lot of different ways to better brighten up the space.

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