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Duct Leak Prevention Tips

You work hard to make sure your furnace and air conditioner are working properly when you need them to. You have them calibrated and inspected every year and use your thermostat to the best of your ability to lower your energy bills. Yet, if you have leaks in your ducts, even your most careful efforts are practically wasted.

Leaky ducts allow the heated or cooled air circulated by your HVAC system to leak out, costing you extra on your energy bill. You can help prevent this problem by making sure your ducts don’t leak. Here’s what the team at Axberg wants you to know about keeping your ducts sealed.

Regularly Inspect Your Ducts for Signs of Problems

One of the biggest factors that causes leaks in your ductwork is age. You can’t prevent this, but you can prevent problems by regularly inspecting your ducts for signs of age and repairing them as needed. If you are using Axberg for your annual HVAC maintenance, a ductwork inspection is part of our twice-a-year maintenance appointments, so this aspect is covered.

Schedule Duct Sealing

duct leakage rockford ilPoorly sealed ducts can easily lead to leaks and have the potential of contributing to higher energy bills. In order to prevent this, make sure you schedule duct cleaning with a reputable company that you can trust. At Axberg, our services are performed by trained professionals and are done well.

Prevent Backpressure

Backpressure occurs when something blocks the air flow in your ducts. It places tremendous strain on the ducts, and this can cause leaks. The air has to have a way out, and if it can’t go out through its normal path, it will create another way out on its own.

One of the easiest ways to prevent backpressure is to avoid closing vents in your home. Even if there are areas of your home that you don’t want to heat or cool because you don’t use them, closing off the vents is not wise. Backpressure can be far more costly than heating or cooling a room you don’t use.

Treat Ducts with Care

Another common reason for duct leaks is damage from DIY home repair projects. A stray screwdriver or hammer can puncture a duct and cause problems. To avoid this risk, make sure you treat your ductwork gently.

Duct Sealing in Rockford with Axberg

When you notice leaks in your ducts, you can trust the team at Axberg to help. We offer duct sealing services in Rockford, Illinois and the surrounding communities, with industry-leading technology to test and seal your ducts effectively. Don’t let your energy bills fly out through holes in your ductwork.

Contact Axberg today to discuss duct sealing services, and ensure that your home is working as efficiently as it can.

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