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How to Choose a Commercial Contractor

Keeping your commercial HVAC systems up and running takes dedication and the right professional service. Unfortunately, not all of the companies that offer commercial HVAC services are created equal. To save time, money, and frustration, you want to choose the right one. So, how can you make the right choice for your business? These questions will help guide you to a contractor that will get the job done well.

Check for Licensure

First, check that the contractor is licensed and certified specifically for commercial units. Commercial units work on the same basic principles as residential, but they are not quite the same. Make sure your contractor is properly trained and certified, as this will ensure they have the right tools and knowledge to do the job well.

Look for Experience

Next, look for extensive experience working specifically on commercial properties. It doesn’t matter if the company has 50 years of experience in the residential field. If they’ve only worked with a handful of commercial properties, they’re not going to have the expertise you want. You can ask how many packaged units they have worked on over the years, and look for a high number.

Choose a Contractor Available for Emergencies

HVAC problems rarely happen during regular business hours. You’ll want to find a contractor who is available 24/7. If your system goes out in the middle of the night, you need the confidence that it will be back up and running when you open in the morning. When choosing a contractor, ask if you can call for repairs at any time, and only go with one who is willing to do this.

Ask About Maintenance Plans

Finally, make sure you work with a contractor who has the option for maintenance plans. Maintenance will extend the lifespan of your system. A contractor who is passionate about maintenance will help ensure that your system runs well and efficiently, and when you choose a maintenance plan you can get automatic inspections and repair discounts when repairs are needed.

Choose Axberg for Commercial HVAC Contractors

If you’re ready to partner with an experienced, licensed, and knowledgeable commercial HVAC contractor, let the team at Axberg know. We have several decades of experience, and over the years we have served the local community, we have handled hundreds of commercial HVAC repairs. We serve companies throughout the greater Rockford and Crystal Lakes areas, and know how to handle the demands of commercial properties. Schedule a quote with our experienced technicians today.

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