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Benefits of a Heat Pump in the Wintertime

Winter in Rockford is a strange phenomenon. While our area enjoys plenty of frigid days, we also have our share of mild days. It can be well below zero one day, and then in the 40-50 degree range the next. A heat pump can be a great tool to keep your home warm in the winter, even during Rockford’s cold winter climate.

How Heat Pumps Heat Homes

Heat pumps extract heat energy from the air outside, bringing it into your home so that you can enjoy a warmer temperature in the winter months. Even when the air outside is quite cold, it still contains some heat energy that your heat pump can tap into, and using this naturally occurring energy can be more efficient than relying on energy from burning fuel.

Understand Heat Pumps and Below-Freezing Temperatures

Heat pumps can pull heat energy from cold air, but once the temperature drops below freezing, things can get a little tricky. Here’s what you need to know about heat pumps when the temp dips below freezing.

  1. The heat pump becomes much less efficient
  2. You will need a supplemental heat source for your heat pump
  3. The supplemental heat source is typically a gas heating system that will kick in when the temperatures drop below freezing

With a reliable supplemental heat source, you will still enjoy the efficiency of a heat pump when the temperatures allow without sacrificing your family’s comfort during cold spells.

Don’t Be Surprised If It Runs a Lot

Rockford has cold winters, and a heat pump is designed to move heat from one area to another. When there’s less heat outside, the heat pump will need to run almost continuously to keep your home comfortable. This is not a malfunction, so be prepared for it.

Don’t Toggle the Temperature

Unlike a furnace, a heat pump does not become more efficient if you drop the temperature or increase it during those times when you are not home. Instead, use the timer to turn it off and on when you are at work, but leave the temperature alone. Any change in temperature will cause the heat pump to start pumping, which will raise your energy bills.

Be Careful With Emergency Heat Mode

Your heat pump will have an emergency heat mode. Be careful with using this mode. It is only designed for emergencies, which are times when the heat pump has broken and you need heat to keep your pipes from freezing. This is not an efficient way to heat your home, and if you switch to emergency heat mode on really cold days, you will be driving up your utility bills, defeating much of the purpose of having a heat pump in the first place.

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