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3 Reasons You Need a Generator

Whether it is the height of the summer or dead of winter, power outages can seriously disrupt and damage your home. Regardless of the season, a generator is a beneficial and useful addition to your home, and here’s why:

Like us, a generator is there when you need it.

If your power fails, a generator ensures your power stays on no matter what. Extreme heat and cold can both have damaging effects on your home. Depending on the home, building materials react differently to both extremes, not to mention the discomfort of an un-air-conditioned home or freezing cold home.

During the winter, snow and ice build-up can wreak havoc and there isn’t always a definite time on when repairs will be done. Those frigid temperatures can do major damage to your home. Likewise, frozen or busted pipes can end up costing your thousands of dollars in damages. A generator can prevent all those things from happening.

24/7 Comfort

Hot or cold, your home can get uncomfortable with no power. Flushing toilets or running water? Forget it. You won’t be able to regulate the temperature, and not even a fan will help (unless it’s battery powered). Food will go bad in your refrigerator, and your home security system won’t function.

Have a sump pump? Even with a battery backup, that eventually will fail. Any of these things can make you both uncomfortable and cause big-time damage to your home.


Here at Axberg, we’ve designed a system where, regardless of power, your sump pump will always be backed up with power. Eliminate the worries of a storm knocking out your power and flooding your basement. We also specialize in whole-house coverage, so if your power does go out, you won’t have to lift a finger to turn your generator on. It provides coverage within 1 minute of the initial outage and will monitor utility lines before switching back over to utility.

Choose Axberg for Generator Installations

Generators of today are not the noisy machines of years past. They operate more quietly, which allows for a more comfortable user experience and more aesthetically appeal to your home. Technology has advanced generators, so now you can monitor yours from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, always being able to keep tabs on your home.

Questions? The experts at Axberg would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Call us today at (866) 350-4793.

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