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3 Biological Pollutants That Could be Infecting Your Belvidere Area Home

Biological pollutants are present in every home. In many cases, you can’t see them without a microscope, but they are there, lurking. For most people, the levels of these pollutants are insignificant. Their immune systems are healthy enough to fend them off. However, if you have young children at your Rockford, IL home, care for an elderly parent, or have someone with asthma or allergies in your family, these biological pollutants could cause major issues.


Everyone loves their pets, but dander can be a real issue for some people. The tiny scales from pet fur, feathers, and skin can cause allergies, irritate asthma, and make it difficult to kick a cold. Luckily, there is no reason to limit your contact with your furry companions. Air quality purifiers can remove those particles from the air.


Pollen is another culprit. It is the root behind certain allergies and most seasonal allergies — and it is likely in your home. Taking allergy medication helps but when you breathe the pollen in everyday, it is an uphill battle. Instead of treating the symptoms, go after the cause. Regular maintenance for your HVAC system will make a big difference.

Dust Mites

Dust is also an issue. Even regular cleaning is bound to leave dust mites and particles in the air. Like dander, these biological pollutants are pervasive, and they can take a toll on your family’s health. Many people are allergic to dust, and even if you aren’t, dust and dust mites can make it difficult to breathe, aggravating asthma symptoms or making a cold that much more difficult. Frequent cleaning helps, but in some cases, you will need a professional to do it right.

To discuss how to improve your home’s indoor air quality through duct cleaning and other preventive measures, call Axberg at (815) 873-6003. We can help you figure out how to rid your home of those irritants.

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